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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, or cryogenic therapy, is a form of treatment using freezing or near-freezing temperatures for a multitude of benefits for the body. Our cryotherapy method offers the unique ability to rapidly deliver localized cold therapy. The body's response to rapid cooling causes an immediate increase in the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the targeted area, helping to reduce fat cells, reduce pain, or increase the tightening of aging skin, depending on the chosen procedure.

Why try Cryo?

Our localized treatment procedure allows us to treat clients via multiple modalities such as pain management, athletic recovery, body sculpting, energy boosts, or fat freezing. Stimulating the body to enact its healing response mechanism gives you, our client, a way to HEAL NATURALLY!

Medications can cause kidney or liver shutdown, exacerbate high blood pressure or cause weight gain, or even drowsiness. Instead, with localized cryotherapy, the body releases endorphins that make you feel good after treatment. The procedure is non-invasive, non-surgical, and has zero downtime!

What is Cryo used for?

So, now you know what cryotherapy is and why you should try it, but you’re wondering what it is used for. Cryotherapy can be used for pain management, aesthetics, fat loss, and body sculpting.

Using targeted cold therapy, we can treat specific areas that are causing you pain, whether it's your hands, knees, neck, or any other body part. We can help reduce the inflammation and have you feeling some pain relief immediately.

Aesthetic cryotherapy covers areas of the body such as the face, and we call this frotox. A frotox treatment targets the chest, neck, and face to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Frotox can also help reduce freckles and eye bags and increases collagen production.

A body sculpting session targets the core, arms, back, buttocks, or legs to reduce fat cells, activate lymphatic drainage, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring.

Core Treatments

Cryotherapy core treatment demo.

5 core treatments over 5 weeks

20 core treatments over 3 months

Back Treatments

Cellulite Reduction

Acne Treatments

3 acne treatments over 1 week


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3325 Big Horn Ave.


551 W. Coulter Ave.


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